19 April at 09:19 from atlas

    Hello Art Lovers, firstly apologies for this delayed News Update, yet to cut a long story short, we have experienced several computer and web-site issues! A bit of dabbling and all seems to be working fine now, so best rip into it! 

    Of course since the last update we have had the CrAzY global virus spread and the subsequent 'Lockdown' here in New Zealand. This means Graham Christensen's fantastic art exhibition (which had just earlier opened) is currently no longer viewable by crowds at the Gallery. How things have changed! Anyway the plan is to get a good selection of those works up on-line shortly, so keep watching here for updates! 

    For now, enjoy this little clip from my appearance on TVNZ's Breakfast Programme, when I filled in as guest Weather Reader! Go  HERE  to view! And if you are a real glutton for punishment you can view the 'Audition' Video HERE  (scroll down to Franky Forgery's post, and hit play :-) If the videos don't work or run for some reason just Google  'Mangaweka Yellow Church Gallery' or Richard Aslett under the VIDEO search section. If that does not work we have posted a photo of the audition filming in action for you to have a little giggle at :-)

    As a final note, for those wanting a bit of a rest-bite from the current situation AND those still wanting to buy some seriously funky artwork (on-line) check out this Auction on Trade-Me by clicking  HERE

    Ok well till later; Where ever you are, please do your bit to reduce transmission and lets hope we can defeat this blasted bug. STAY SAFE PEOPLE - Thanks, Richard in NZ.


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